About Us

Our Story

Fred and Luba started out as visitors themselves to Maui. It was the summer of’95when they landed at Napili Bay, where no building was taller then a palm trees (and still isn’t).

Falling completely in love with the island, they used their then six year old daughters college fund as a down payment for a studio on the beach in Maui. Fred would tell guests, “we didn’t buy the condo, we bought the beach!” Eventually, they made the move across the pacific.

Before they knew it, one condo hadturned into eight, and their six year old daughter was all grown up. After providing visitors to Maui with affordable vacation rentals byowner for the past 20 years, we are proud to announce Fred andLuba’s retirement.

Meet Leah, the second generation of vacation rental owner. She aspires for her guests to Maui to have just as compelling an experience as her parents did two decades ago.